Betty Seabrook Burney

Former Chairman, Duval County School Board

As the former Chairman of the Duval County School Board I have firsthand knowledge of James Young’s ability to strategically and fundamentally turnaround the culture and academic achievements of students in two of Florida’s low performing schools. Most amazing was his ability to: dramatically re-focus the efforts of students, teachers and administrators at Jean Ribault High School; lead Jean Ribault (which had been labeled as a failing school for over a decade)to achieve its first ‘A’ in its history; and significantly turned around Ribault’s graduation rate to one of the highest in the state of Florida!

Ms. Genell M. Mills

Director, SOS Academy Charter Middle School Jacksonville, FL

As the founder of the SOS Academy Charter Middle School that’s in its 16th year of operation, I am happy to endorse Dr. James Young and Turn-Around Solutions. SOS Academy began this year with a school grade of “D”. Dr. Young has successfully joined our leadership team as more than a consultant and given direction in implementing a personal education program for our academy. We have seen many positive results and are looking forward to a victorious ending to this current school year.

Dr.James Brown

President, A Better Tomorrow

Dr. Young’s expertise in the area of school improvement is quite evident. His hands-on yet collaborative approaches to curriculum design, test administration, attendance improvement, and school culture becomes visible in a matter of weeks.

Wayne A. Peterson, Sr.

Principal, School Of Success Middle School, Jacksonville, FL

Turnaround Solutions has provided us with resources and support that are not only researched-based but also relevant to our school’s population, which includes the students, faculty, and administration. We have found their solutions extremely helpful!