Who We Are?

CEO, Dr. James Young and ALL educational consultants have proven history of improving performance in low performing schools.

All consultants have multiple years of experience and are state certified in their designated areas.

What We Do

“Turnaround Solutions, Inc. provides support and assistance to Public Schools, Charter Schools, and Private schools to provide academic support to increase achievement and close the learning gap.”

Dr. James Young
President/CEO, Turnaround Solutions, Inc.

For 13 years Dr. Young served as a principal at four schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Three of the schools were designated with a school grade of “F” when Dr. Young became the principal. Dr. Young improved all three failing schools to grades of “A”, “B” or “C” within 3 years. The two elementary schools have sustained at least a “C“ school grade since his departure. The high school was an Intervene “F” school, having 12 consecutive years of “D” and “F” grades. After two years the school received the first “C” ever. A school grade of “A” was achieved during his third year as principal.

  • Pine Estates Elementary School Jacksonville, Fl. – F to C in three years (sustained over next 10 years)
  • Rufus Payne Elementary School Jacksonville, Fl. – F to B in three years (sustained over next 7 years)
  • Orange Park Jr. High School Orange Park, Fl. – A (maintained and increased over 4 years)
  • Jean Ribault High School, Jacksonville, Fl. – F to A in three years

After an Honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps Dr. Young started his career as an elementary teacher assistant supporting physically disabled students. He then became a middle school and high school teacher teaching Astronomy, Earth Science and Reading. After serving as a teacher, Dr. Young served as a high school and elementary school assistant principal.

Dr. Young has always had a passion for educating students in low achieving schools. He requested to be assigned to two of the three F schools he lead. The three schools improved nine letter grades during the nine years that Dr. Young served as principal at those three schools.

After serving as a principal, Dr. Young started Turnaround Solutions, Inc. to assist schools throughout the country with improving student outcomes. Turnaround Solutions has worked with schools in Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Florida, and Louisiana.