Turnaround Solutions, Inc. specializes in providing:

State Assessment Services (ReadingWriting, Math, Science)

High School Component Services (Graduation rate, Acceleration, College Readiness)

Common Core Services

College Tours

Labor and Staffing Support Services

Charter and Private School Services

Lectures and Speaking Services

Family Engagement Services


Turnaround Solutions, Inc. provides schools and districts the following types of Reading support:

Assistance with design of Instructional Focus Calendars and Instructional Action Plans

Help designing lessons aligned with State and Common Core Standards in Reading and Writing

Professional Development Training in Best Practices in Reading and Writing

Assistance with implementation of strategies geared towards student academic achievement

Training in use of instructional technology to collect data and monitor student academic progress

Collaboration with teachers and school leaders to implement research based reading programs focusing on differentiated instruction

Instructional support for reading and writing across content areas

Assistance with screening, evaluating, and recommending interventions for low performing students


The following support is provided by Turnaround Solutions, Inc. to assist schools and districts improve Writing proficiency:

Provide teacher and student friendly resources to aid with writing process

Assist with development of engaging and purposeful lessons that target the common core standards and address the needs of diverse learners

Provide creative writing strategies used to facilitate writers’ workshops

Provide Professional Development in implementation of best practices in writing instruction

Provide tools for and training with data tracking tools that drill down to specific student of areas of need in writing

Progress monitoring tools to target and guide differentiated instruction

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The following support is provided by Turnaround Solutions, Inc. to assist schools and districts improve Math proficiency:

Development of Curriculum Calendars

Year-Long Timeline

Monthly Topic Planning

Alignment of Curriculum and State Standards

Strategic Planning of Lessons to address testing standards in conjunction with course instruction

Development of Weekly Focus Lessons to Target Critical Math Content Needs

Professional Development Trainings

Assistance with Data Analysis and Data-based Planning

Strategies for developing a Classroom Learning Environment

Creation of Math Activities for High-Level Performance


Staff from Turnaround Solutions, Inc. will assist schools improve student performance in Science by:

Observing science teachers and provide specific strategies for improved instructional delivery

Collaborating with science teachers and leadership team to collect and/or improve curriculum resources

Supporting science teachers by providing feedback on lessons and assessments

Serving as experts in best practices in science curriculum development and instructional strategy for underachieving students

Providing professional development materials to support individual teachers

Providing professional development to analysis data use data to plan for instruction

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Graduation Rate

TS will develop a plan to increase your school’s or district’s graduation rates.  Our consultants will work with schools to help students who are not on track to graduate on time or did not graduate with their class.  TS will also assist schools finding students who have dropped out and still count against their graduation rate and provide options for these students to still receive a diploma.


TS specializes in the development and implementation of Dual Enrollment courses, AP courses, and Industry Certification Academies. TS will assist your district or school to increase Acceleration options on campus as well as provide strategies to ensure student success in the courses.  TS will also assist your current academy to achieve Model status.

College Readiness

TS will assist schools increase student scores on the ACT and the SAT.  TS will provide districts, school leadership teams and teachers with the tools to increase College Readiness scores by providing coaching and professional development.  TS will also assist schools developing strategies to raise funds to assist students paying for these assessments.

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Common Core Standards

Training in Common Core Standards includes:

Mastery of each standard

How to determine mastery

How to help administrators understand the Common Core classroom

PARCC and SMARTER Balanced

Common Core through the Lens of Lesson Study

“Look-for”s in a Common Core Classroom

Observation and walk-through tools

College Tours

Let us do all the work!  Turnaround Solutions will plan your college tours.  TS will secure transportation, hotel stay, meals and arrange tours with colleges and universities.  Each tour includes a tour guide, security, and much more.  Let us customize a trip for your school group or organization.

Tours are provided for high schools, middle schools, churches, nonprofit and private organizations.

All tour guides are certified educators who will stay with your group from the time of departure to the time of return.

We also offer instructional activities on the tour upon request.

We specialize in scheduling tours in all geographical regions including the East Coast, the South and the Midwest and organizing tours to historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) . West Coast tours are available upon request.

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Labor Services

Turnaround Solutions can assist your school or educational organization by providing the following  Labor, Employment and Staffing support services:

Training in labor and employee relations (including updates in employment law)

Interpretation and advice regarding Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)

Assistance preparing employee disciplinary documents

Representation of the Board/district during grievances or pre-litigation matter

Licensed attorney with experience providing advice to schools and districts

Presentation of district position in grievance hearings before School Board (as required by CBAs)

Staffing Support

Targeted applicant recruiting and screening

Development of job descriptions and screening instruments to identify candidates

Conducting market analysis to determine competitive wages for identified positions

Development of vacancy announcements and screening documents

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Charter and Private School Support Services

Turnaround Solutions, Inc. provides support and assistance to Charter Schools to ensure compliance with charter school laws, Department of Education rules and charter agreements between the charter school and the sponsoring district.

Board governance training (to satisfy new member and annual statutory requirement)

Assistance reviewing and monitoring contract with Sponsor to ensure compliance

Assistance responding to default notices

Training and updates in Charter School laws

Lectures and Speaking

TS offers speaking and lectures on the following topics:

Student Achievement, School Transformation, Classroom Management, Staff and student Motivation

College Readiness, Family Engagement, Graduation Rate, Common Core, High School Acceleration

Teacher/Staff Evaluation, School Law, Labor Relations, Staffing, Evaluations, Progressive Discipline

Employment Law

Family Engagement

TS will work with schools or district leadership to develop plans to increase family Engagement.  TS will develop family coaching programs, recruitment strategies, and strategies for families to use at home to increase achievement.

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