Improve Teaching

School leaders have long known that schools cannot exceed the quality of their teachers. The reality is that teaching is a profession and professionals are constantly improving their skills. The responsibility for recruiting, selecting, and developing quality teachers falls on school leaders. In this age of accountability and high-stakes testing, we want all students to graduate and to graduate college-, career-, and workplace-ready. No longer can we rely on a few all-star teachers to set the gold standard. All students need high quality instruction in every classroom and it is up to school leaders to build the capacity of their teachers to meet the needs of each and every student.

At Turnaround Solutions, Inc., we are devoted to improving student learning. The preparation of teacher candidates, professional development for practicing teachers, and research helps all students learn. Students benefit because the knowledge, skills, and resources of both Turnaround Solutions, Inc. and the school are focused on meeting their needs. Students also benefit from teacher interns and mentor teachers who play active roles in their learning process.